The weighbridge at H Evason & Co is fully approved and regulated by Trading Standards to provide accurate and reliable weights. This facility is available to both trade and the public for weighing anything from your family car up to fully laden Articulated Lorries.

With haulage regulations getting stricter, it is more important than ever to ensure your vehicle is not exceeding its legal weight. Not only is this true of commercial haulage, but also for members of the public towing trailers or caravans which can all too easily exceed their legally prescribed 3.5 Tonne Gross weight.

Customers requiring the Gross and Tare weight of their vehicle recorded on the same ticket must carry out both weighing’s within a 24-hour period to conform with Trading Standards regulations.

Trading Standards

Our Weighbridge is fully regulated by Trading Standards

Weight Certificate

Receive a printed Weight Certificate when you use the Weighbridge

Private & Trade

The Weighbridge is open to everyone, private and trade

Prices from £5

With costs so low, it makes sense to check your weight