Yes, all our products are produced to the highest standards and conform to the same specifications as virgin materials.

Yes, all our material is screened, washed, and passed under magnets to remove ferrous contaminants. All our products are produced in line with our WRAP protocols and independently tested at a UKAS accredited laboratory to ensure they comply with the highest standards.

Yes, if you would like to see our products certification results, we are happy to provide samples.

No, we only accept waste that conforms to our Environmental Permit. This means that we do not treat or handle any contaminated or hazardous waste on our premises. Strict procedures are in place to isolate and remove any non-conforming materials to prevent contamination of our products.

No, currently we do not produce any soils, but we may do in the future.

We work with a range of hauliers to enable us to offer a range of delivery options. Most commonly we deliver in 6 or 8 wheeled lorries, but we can also supply 4 wheeled lorries and articulated lorries on request.