Exceptional High Quality Washed Recycled Aggregates

Washed recycled aggregates, are an environmentally friendly solution for your aggregate needs.

The UK construction sector produces almost 300 million tonnes of aggregate each year through quarrying, dredging, and recycling with recycling accounting for less 25%.

With the ever-increasing demand on resources within the construction industry, alternative and more sustainable solutions must be found to ease the ever-increasing demand and reduce the carbon footprint of this sector.

Why use H Evason aggregates? Using the latest in aggregate recycling technology, we can produce the finest recycled products, fully conforming to construction specifications.



Check the weight of anything from a family car or caravan to a fully laden articulated lorry. All weighed vehicles are provided with a printed ticket as proof…


Inert Landfill

Capable of accepting inert waste such as concrete, bricks and sub soils. H. Evason & Co. Landfill is the perfect place to dispose our your inert waste…

Hear from our customers

“I’ve been dealing with H Evason’s for a while now. They have always been reliable and happy to help anyone out.

There’s always plenty of top quality aggregate stock available for collection.

Mark accommodates to our needs every time, whether it’s for tipping muckaway/hardcore or producing specific material ready to suit site’s needs”

Jack Mays, FGD Ltd